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Traditional Kyokushinkai Federation

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Maintaining the Kyokushin tradition!

Portrait of Masutatsu Oyama

Masutatsu Oyama

Our Honoured Founder, 1923 - 1994

After formally establishing the Kyokushinkaikan in 1964, Oyama directed the organization through a period of expansion. Oyama hand-picked instructors who displayed ability in marketing the style and gaining new members.

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Horatiu Adrian Neagoie


Shihan Horatiu Adrian Neagoie devoted his life to the spirit of Kyokushinkai Karate and become a model that many of our practitioners are endeavoring to follow.

Portrait of Peter von ROTZ

Peter von ROTZ


Shihan Peter von Rotz is a former student of the founder of Kyokushin Karate, Masutatsu Oyama. Is known as the last teacher, who knows the original correct technique. He wrote Kyokushin Karate Encyclopedia, super detailed learning material for every "karateka".


Susumu Miyake

Honorary President, 8 dan

Shihan Susumu Miyake was Sosai Mas Oyama's "right hand" and the IKOK Technical Committee, responsible with International Yudansha Gradings and Tournaments Boards!